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What are my file requirements?

    Our preferred format for any artwork file is a Print Ready PDF, but we also accept high resolution EPS, TIF and JPG files.
    CMYK colour mode + Spot (if applicable).
    All files must be at least 300 dpi.
    Minimum 1/8” safety clearance space on all sides (our recommendation) unless your design is intended to bleed (go off the edge of the page).
    Fonts embedded or outlined to check if you have embedded your fonts correctly, open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Professional or Reader. Go To File > Document Properties > Fonts Tab. If you see the words (Embedded) and (Embedded Subset) next to the list of font names then you have successfully embedded your fonts.

How do I set up my file for foil stamping?

The art to be foil stamped must be vectorized line art, 100% solid spot colour labeled FOIL STAMP . This cannot contain any screens or graduationsat all. Also, set image attribute to overprint. When your designing artwork, avoid using condensed fonts styles and type smaller then 8pt. Width of lines should be .25 point (or .003) or thicker. No hairlines. Avoid large solids, areas larger than .5 tend to breakdown and allow the paper toshow through. This is more common on textured stocks. If you are designing using reverse type, the font must be larger then 12pt.

How do I set up my file for embossing?

The area to be embossed must be vectorized line art, 100% solid spot colour labeled EMBOSS. This cannot contain any screens or graduations at all.

How do I set up my file for numbering?

When creating a file for numbering, please create a .1875 x .375 white box for your desired number placement.

How do I set up my file for spot UV?

The area to be Spot UVd must be 100% solid spot colour labeled SPOT UV.

How do I set up my retractable banner stand file?

The maximum area for our retractable sign is 33.5 wide x 83 high. Please allow 1 bleed at the top and a 3 bleed at the bottom. This extra bleedarea will not be visible as it will be part of the retractable mechanism. The viewable area after the banner is assembled will be 33.5 wide x 79 high.Artwork must be designed at 300dpi for best results.

How do I set up my booklet or catalogues files for print?

The Print Ready PDF must be saved as one single file with each individual page in sequence i.e. 1,2,3,etc. Please leave a .25 bleed on all sides.Please save PDF with crop-marks selected so we know where to trim your text once your job printed.

How do I set up my door hanger file?

When creating a door hanger file, please continue your design through out the hole location. Do not make a circle and leave blank. Hole size isapproximately 1.75

Presentation Folders

Please download templates from our resource section of our website for accurate dimensions.

How do I set up jobs for die cutting?

Please provide a vector file saved as a PDF that is the outline of the image that you want to have die cut. Keep in mind that if your artwork shouldextend beyond the die cut shape. You will be prompted when uploading your artwork to upload the die cutting file as well.

Different type of folds:

Please download templates from our resource section of our website for accurate dimensions.

Different type of finishings:

What is matte lamination?

A silky, smooth to-the-touch finish for your materials. It forms a protective film over the print with giving a elegant feel. Its what we call the newpremium standard.

What is spot UV + matte lamination?

This unique specialty finish results in a stunning visual impact. The spot UV coating creates a contrast between a glossy wet layer and a matte surface onthe same side, giving your material a focal point for another eye-catching dimension.

What is UV coating?

UV coating is a liquid coating that is applied to your print materials. Your print materials will be resistant to smudges and scratches. This coating providesthe highest level of shine to your printed material.

What is scoring?

Scoring is an indent that is made on cards. If you plan on folding your cards, scoring is necessary as it helps to avoid cracking of the paper.

What is perforation?

If you plan on having a tear-a-way section on your printed piece, a perforation is required to ensure the postcard tears cleanly.This is most commonly used for coupons or for postcards that will have a tear-a-way business card attached to it.

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